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You Deserve a Treat

A sweet, bold strawberries and cream coconutmilk drink that will make you *actually* want to get out of bed and head to the store to try it.

Coconuts? Why?

Full of
Good Stuff
Coconut water is packed with electrolytes, which help keep your body hydrated and functioning properly.
Makes Tastebuds
Coconut water is delicious, hydrating, and tastes like you're on a tropical vacation—even if you're just trying not to overheat in the backyard.
Takes you to
the Tropics
Coconuts grow on coconut trees. Which grow in coconut groves. Which grow in tropical locations around the world. Which grow in... our daydreams?
Feel Good
When you drink coconuts, you feel good. When you learn that we work to make a positive impact on communities where we grow, you feel even better.

Our Products

  • The Original

    Coconut Water
  • Pineapple

    Coconut Water
  • The Original

  • Original with Pulp

    Coconut Juice
  • Original

    Coconut M🌴LK
  • Original

    Barista Coconut M🌴LK
“From hot yoga to coffee and bars: Inside Vita Coco’s push to make its coconut water a household staple”
“Vita Coco wants its coconut water to be your cocktail mixer — and your hangover cure”
“Vita Coco's New Spiked Cocktail Flavors Will Transport You Straight to the Tropics”
“Vita Coco Won the Coconut Water Wars”

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Our Story

A chance encounter in a NYC bar led us to starting Vita Coco. Call it fate!

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Our Impact

Turns out, coconuts can do more than create delicious products. From supporting farming communities to providing accessible nutrition to people who need it, we're committed to spreading the goodness of coconuts around the world.

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Our first Ingredient

We've built a business around one single thing: coconuts. They're what powers Vita Coco and the communities we source from.

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In the Wild

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